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Together with Alibaba, Yankuang will Build the Benchmark for Traditional and New Energy Conversion in Shandong Province

On 26 December, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between Yankuang Group and Alibaba Group was held in Jinan. According to the framework agreement, the Group and Alibaba Cloud will take the opportunity of nation’s support on the development of intelligent manufacturing, industrial big data, e-commerce, innovation and reform to fully exploit and utilize the mutual factor endowments and relative advantages, integrate premium resources, and accumulate effect to jointly build the benchmark for the conversion between traditional and new energy in Shandong Province.

Gong Zheng, the governor of Shandong Province, and Jack Ma, the chairman of the board of Alibaba, witnessed the process of signing.

Li Xiyong, the party secretary and chairman of the board of the Group, attended the signing ceremony.

Yin Mingde, the deputy general manager of the Group, signed the cooperation agreement with Alibaba Group on behalf of Yankuang Group.

The parties agreed to take the opportunity of new informatization strategy promotion and datamation transformation of Yankuang Group to accelerate the utilization of cloud computing, big data, AI and other new technologies according to both strategic planning during the valid period of agreement. The parties will collaborate in the areas of technology innovation, program solution, business and service cooperation, etc. to explore the intellectualization transformation innovation mode for traditional industry and build the new benchmark for conversion between new and traditional energy, which will introduce a world class practice way for the digital transformation of Yankuang Group and contribute to the value restructuring of whole industry chain.

Alibaba Cloud listed Yankuang Group as the benchmarking customer for the strategic cooperation between Alibaba Cloud and Shandong provincial government. Within three years, Alibaba Cloud will provide customized premium services for Yankuang Group, safeguard the whole process of cooperation promotion and business development, deeply match in the field of technology resources, manpower supportability, product support, etc. to bring about the new energy for the business innovation of Yankuang Group.

Alibaba Cloud is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba Group incorporated in 2009. With world class cloud computing and AI technologies, it is dedicated to becoming a public and open cloud computing service platform. As China’s largest public cloud service provider and the third largest worldwide, Alibaba Cloud offer safe and reliable computing and data handling capacity through online public services to benefit all.