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Yankuang Group was Awarded "2017 Excellent Corporate Bond Issuer"

On January 19, Yankuang Group won the honorary title of "Excellent Corporate Bond Issuer" on the commendation ceremony of "2017 Excellent Participating Institutions and Individuals in Shanghai Stock Exchange Bond Market" held by Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The selection and recognition of awards for outstanding issuers of corporate bonds have been carried out continuously for many years and has now become an important annual award with a high degree of attention in the Chinese bond market. The honor received by the Group is not only a comprehensive reflection of the activity, influence and competitiveness of the market members but also effectively establishes the good image of the Group in the bond market.

In 2017, the Group continued to make breakthroughs in innovation and endeavored to achieve resource integration. The approval and successful issuance of two tranches of RMB7 billion worth of corporate bonds helped to reduce the financial cost of the Group. It was to open up financing channels, expand capital operation and facilitate entities another innovative practice of the real economy. The annual "Excellent Corporate Bond Issuer" fully reflects the Shanghai Stock Exchange's full recognition of 2017 annual bond issuance, underwriting, trading and innovation of the group company, performance of duties during the existence period and information disclosure.

In 2018, the Group will, as always, actively participate in the issuance of bonds in the capital market and continue to expand its diversified financing channels so as to provide a solid financial guarantee for the realization of the three major development goals of "joining the world's top 500, achieving asset securitization and building a world-class enterprise".