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Shandong and Hubei Province, Yankuang Group and Hubei Coal Investment Company signed Coal Supply and Demand Cooperation Agreement

Coal Industry Bureau of Shandong Province and Energy Bureau of Hubei Province, Yankuang Group and Hubei Coal Investment and Development Co., signed Coal Resources Supply and Demand Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement and Coal Supply and Demand Long-term Agreement, respectively on 21 September 2017, which agreed to enhance coal supply and demand, promote technological cooperation in clean coal, strengthen cooperation in coal capacity, etc.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Qiao Naichen, Director of Coal Industry Bureau of Shandong Province, pointed out that Shandong had strong capacity of coal resources development and has established coal resources development bases outside Shandong with great potentials. Hubei enjoyed a favorable regional advantage and has a large coal demand. Therefore, both sides could have a good cooperation in this area.

Mr. Li Wei, general manager of Yankuang Group expressed trust and support from Energy Bureau of Hubei Province. In active response to the call of "rapid transformation and upgrade development, striving to fulfill replacement old growth drivers with new ones" from Shandong government, all coal mines of Yankuang Group have achieved safe and efficient mining and no out-dated mines exist. Yankuang would organize coal production in an earnest way to satisfy need of Hubei province. At the same time, Yankuang would vigorously explore technological innovation in clean coal cooperation among enterprises and fulfill win-win situation.