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Yankuang Blue Sky Clean Coal Plant Commenced Construction

Yankuang Blue Sky Clean Coal Plant was officially commenced construction on 3 February. It was planned that the plant would be completed and start commission by the end of June with expected annual clean coal production of 1 million tons.

Meng Xiangjun, chief engineer of Yankuang, Chen Fengjiao, deputy general manager of Yankuang, Li Jingpeng, president of Zoucheng City CPPCC, Luan Tao, deputy mayor of Zoucheng City, attended the ceremony.

In recent years, Yankuang has made investment amounting to RMB300 million on "Blue Sky Project" and continuously put it as "No. 1 Project" among the upgrade of coal mines in headquarters in 2017. It is planned to build up clean coal production plant with annual production of 1 million tons, additive plant with annual production of 500,000 tons and stove automatic production line with annual production of 100,000 sets. The clean coal plant will become the first industrial demonstration plant that uses clean coal in Yankuang Group and Zoucheng City.