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Nine Academicians Inspected the CTL Project of Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical Company
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On August 22, investigation delegation comprised of 9 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and experts paid an investigation visit to Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. (Future Energy) of Yankuang, inspected the Coal to Liquid (CTL) project and attended the "Strategic Research on China Refining and Coal Chemicals Sustainable Development and Regional Coordinated Development" seminar in Yulin. Deputy general manager of Yankuang and chairman of Future Energy Sun Qiwen made a report on the seminar.

As a demonstration project listed in national coal deep processing and the first national successful trial operation of 1 million ton indirect CTL project, Future Energy was looked upon with high concerns by academicians and experts. Referring to the CTL process in Sun's report, especially technology, product, market, economic value, energy consumption and environmental protection, the 9 academicians, in line with development prospect and reality of petrochemical and coal chemical at home and abroad, expressed their own opinions and suggestions, and made advice on how to enhance coordinated, health, green development and advance competition capacity in petrochemical and coal chemical.

This delegation mainly made research on sustainable and regional coordinated development of China's petrochemical and coal chemical industry over 10 years after, aiming to build up modern industrial clusters with global competitiveness and thus strengthen national competitiveness.