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"Role Models --2015 Awards Ceremony" Held Solemnly

In the evening of January 6th, "Role Models --2015 Awards Ceremony" was held solemnly, during which 18 advanced units, 4 key construction project teams, 29 model workers and 988 advanced individual representatives came on stage to receive the prize, with the aim to praise advanced units for what they have achieved under severe circumstances, to inspire cadres and workers to make greater contributions to Yankuang’s efforts in reducing losses and increasing profits, and in restructuring and development.

Mr. Li Xiyong, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Committee of Yankuang Group, and Mr. Li Wei, General Manager presented handsome rewards for four advanced units of key construction projects including coal-to-liquid project, Coal Preparation Plant of Zhuanlongwan Coal Mine, Zhaolou Power Plant, and Jinjitan Coal Mine, which brought the ceremony to a climax.

The award ceremony was mixed with artistic performances excellently in a tight sequence. All of the wonderful performances including songs, dances and poem recitations highlighted Yankuang People’s heroic spirit of staying in the same boat, tearing open the road, working tirelessly, and writing a magnificent chapter for Yankuang’s development.