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Li Xiyong Hears Special Report on Production and Operation in Yancoal Australia

On October 20th, Mr. Li Xiyong, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Commiittee of Yankuang Group and Chairman of Yancoal Australia, heard the special reports on Yancoal Australia’s production and operation in 2015 as well as its budgeting in 2016.

In the meeting, the company’s person in charge made detailed reports on issues including production and operation in 2015, the latest forecast of coal price, budgeting in 2016 and financial structure of Yancoal Australia.

After listening to the reports, Mr. Li Xiyong gave full recognition for Yancoal Australia’s latest work, carried out scientific analysis on the current situation facing Yancoal Australia, and expressed his hopes and demands for next-phase work. He indicated that Yankuang Group and Yanzhou Coal Mining Company should spare no pains and make concerted efforts to achieve the sustainable development of Yancoal Australia.

Mr. Lai Cunliang, Deputy General Manager of Yankuang Group and Board Director of Yancoal Australia, together with other principal persons from relative departments of Yanzhou Coal Mining Company attended the meeting.