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Looking Ahead

Yankuang has formulated and will implement the Medium and Long-term Development Strategy of Yankuang Group (Y2014-2025) and has established “1-2-3-3” principal thought. To achieve these targets, the Group will vigorously carry forward and fulfill the spirit of “worldwide competition, casting the brand and first-class achievement”. Taking transformation and upgrade as the principal line, making reform and technology innovation as driving force, the Group will strive to accomplish 3 key events: sustainable development of headquarters, scale development of CTL and high efficient development of Yancoal Australia Ltd. The Group will push the implementation of this strategy by 3 steps: adjustment and optimization, transformation and upgrade and leaping development. Till 2015, the Group will become a strong coal-oriented Group with annual coal production of 100 million tones and recapture to China Top 100 Enterprises; Till 2020, the Group will try to be ranked among Top 10 Enterprises in China Industries and among Global 500 Companies; Till 2025, the Group will strive to be among Top 5 Enterprises in China Industries and be ranked among global energy companies. Doing our utmost and united as one, Yankuang Group will write a new era of becoming a new internationalized and integrated energy group and industry and finance group characterizing “industry leading, social yearning and glory by employees”.