Yankuang Group and Delisi Group Contracted in Australia to Build a Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform Together

Li Xiyong Accepts the Interview Jointly Made by Provincial Mainstream Media Journalists

"Role Models --2015 Awards Ceremony" Held Solemnly
The 18th Technology Conference Held Solemnly
Yanzhou Coal Awarded with 2015 One Hundred Most Respected Listed Company by Investors
Yankuang Group Co.,Ltd. is an extra-large State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) mainly engaged in coal mining & sales ......
Yankuang's logo mainly takes red and black as the basic colors. The black body rises up solidly with a strong visual impact, symbolizing the company's pioneering, innovative and ......
Yanzhou Coal Mining Co., Ltd
Yankuang Cathay Coal Chemicals Co., Ltd
Yancoal Australia Co.,Ltd.