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Economic Contribution

Dedication for the country

As a responsible SOE, Yankuang runs its business in accordance with the principles and requirements of social responsibility. It develops along with the local community, grows with the staff and makes prominent contributions by sharing its economic achievements, revitalizing the local economy and speeding up the integration.

Rizhao Coal Shipping Port


Yulin Methyl Alcohol Plant (Northwest China)

Devotion to the society

In the past 30 years of reform and opening up, Yankuang has paid 30.9 billion yuan taxes to the country in total. In 2010, despite of the complex international and domestic situations, Yankuang still managed to make a profit of 9.885 billion yuan, with taxes reaching 7.174 billion yuan. Along with the country’s rapid development, Yankuang has grown from a little-known coal-based company to an international group strong enough to compete with the world’s energy giants. Yankuang has done a great job in guaranteeing the country’s energy safety and promoting the revitalization of the country’s energy industry. During the 11th “Five-Year-Plan” period, Yankuang created 9680 job positions and its social economic contribution reached 89.1 billion yuan.

Donating Money for Wenchuan Earthquake

Working Overtime to Secure Power Supply