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Innovation System

Yankuang takes the core technology research and development as the driving force in the structural adjustment and upgrading. It has National Coal-Slurry Gasification & Engineering Center, Shanghai-Yankuang Energy Technology R&D Center, Postdoctoral workstation, State-level key laboratory and dozens of professional research institutes. With the local coal mining technology R&D as the cornerstone and Shanghai Coal Liquefaction and Coal Chemical R&D and Xi'an R&D of new materials, electronic information and mechanical equipments as the key points, a platform for innovation is created. Yankuang is the only energy enterprise in coal sector that is honored by the National Intellectual Patent Rights Bureau the “National Demostration Unit of IPR among Enterprises and Public Institutions”.

Technology Research Center

Provincial Outstanding Postdoctoral Workstation

State-level Key Laboratory

Yankuang and Bucyrus International Sign Cooperation Agreement