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Scientific Achievements

Scientific Development

Entering the new century, Yankuang pays close attention to the world’s energy development trends and patterns, closely follows the domestic and overseas markets, alters its view on the advantages of the energy-based enterprises, realizes the necessity to shift coal from a mere common kind of fuel to an important industrial raw material, extends the industrial chain to coal chemical through coal further processing, aiming to change the fate of the energy-based enterprises caused by resource depletion and achieving sustainable development. Priority is given to the development of coal chemical, power generation & aluminum and machinery manufacturing. A new industrial layout composed of coal chemical industry within the province, electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturing, logistics parks and five bases outside the province begins to take shape. By diversifying the products and enriching its industrial structure, a new developing mode is to be initiated and the green, ecological and sustainable development is to be achieved.

Jining No.3 Coal Mine

Electrolytic Aluminum

New Production Equipments

Scientific Achievements

Yankuang is the first coal-based energy enterprise that wins the special award for “National Scientific and Technological Progress”. Three of its self-developed mining technologies (hydraulic support in low position for top coal caving tech., high pressure & spray de-dusting device of shearer onboard, and dust absorbing device with pressurized spray for LTCC hydraulic support) were all obtained patents in Australia, which made Yankuang the first coal-industry enterprise to get patents in a developed country. Since the 11th “Five-Year-Plan”, Yankuang has undertaken 6 R&D subjects of the national “863” program, 1 subject listed in the national “973” program along with 219 provincial and ministerial scientific achievements, 5 of which won the second prize of “the National Scientific and Technological Progress”.

Coal-to-liquid Pilot Plant Test Equipments

New Gasification Furnance (Subject Listed in National“863”Program)

Self-developed Hydraulic Supports

Gas-fired Power Generation Equipments (Subject Listed in National “863”Program)

Air Separation Facility (Biggest in the National Chemical Industry)