Corporate Culture


Yankuang's logo mainly takes red and black as the basic colors. The black body rises up solidly with a strong visual impact, symbolizing the company's pioneering, innovative and excellence-seeking spirits. The red flame is like a burning coal, implying the company's total commitment to the country's prosperity and the group's bright future.

It elaborately borrows the framework from Taiji, reflecting the great harmony among the heaven, the earth and human beings and also implying Yankuang's upward developing trend.

The red and black parts both dynamically go up, indicating the win-win situation to be achieved and mutual benefits to be shared by Yankuang and its clients.


Corporate Mission: Dedicating light & heat and Creating Value

Corporate Prospect: To build a harmonious Yankuang and keep pursuing excellence.

Corporate Spirit: Taking lead in innovation and making joint efforts for long-term prosperity.

Corporate Values: Responsibility & Integrity

“Four-in-One” Culture System

Under the guidance of the responsibility culture, the “Four-in-One” culture system finally comes into being through repeated practice and exploration during the corporate operation. By systematic summary and analysis of the construction of safety, management, anti-corruption and morality culture and along with the company's cultural achievements, the “3+6” mode culture framework takes shape based on the corporate targets and principles and is proved to be fairly constructive and feasible.