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Innovation Of Yankuang

Scientific system and mechanism with vital innovation force

Innovation is the quality and in-depth momentum of maintaining steady and healthy development of Yankuang Group. In adherence to innovation-driven development, Yankuang comprehensively implemented innovation in system, mechanism, science and technology, management and business model, which provides inexhaustible impetus for Group's development. Vice premier Ma Kai extended a high appraisal to Yankuang's reform and innovation.

  • Party Building Innovation

The CPC Yankuang committee fosters and forges "SOE Party Building and Yankuang Mode" with unique characteristics, precisely put forward basic requirement and party organizations' work positioning of "seizing orientation, controlling overall situation and ensuring implementation", implants party organization into the corporate governance structure and integrates party building into Yankuang's development, making party building as "steeling wheel" in deepening reform, "ballast stone" in transformation development and "backbone" of forging ahead while overcoming difficulties.

  • System Innovation

As a state-owned enterprise of Shandong province, Yankuang was the first company to be reformed into an investment company with state-owned capital on 5 January 2017. Yankuang improved and perfected corporate governance structure of "three committees and one management", formulated and carried out supportive documents in reform of "1 plus 4 plus N" and built "SOE Party Building and Yankuang Mode" with unique characteristics. The innovation in system and mechanism has burst out new vitality, which uninterruptedly transports inherent force for pushing forward Yankuang's development in adverse situation.

  • Mechanism Innovation

Yankuang has established a scientific and efficient management system with distinct tiers, definite powers and responsibilities and optimized process, featuring departments in headquarters as strategy and decision-making center, capital operation center and talents sharing center; specialized (energy and chemicals) companies as business decision center, operating management center and profit making center; three-tier companies and subordinates as cost or profit center. Appointment system, tenure system and contracting system have been overall implemented and administrative levels have been streamlined. Yankuang has practiced competitive work positions system with all employees participating, post management and different salary for different position and salary distribution mechanism linking with internal marketalization to achieve salary increase of employees and profitability enhancement of the company.

  • Science and Technology Innovation

Yankuang Group has fully promoted “Made by Yankuang”, “Innovated by Yankuang” and “Intelligent-made by Yankuang”, striving for enterprise strategic transformation through scien-tech progress. Now, Yankuang Group has several R&D platforms, such as National Science & Technology Center, National Engineering Center and National Key Laboratory. It has undertaken more than 20 national key projects like “863”project and “973” project, for which, Yankuang Group has won 18 items of national scien-tech awards, marking a fundamental transformation from introduction and digesting of main industry technology to technology innovation.

  • Management Innovation

The success and development of Yankuang Group was attributed to the continuous optimization and innovation in enterprise management. In recent years, a series of measures, such as “three increments and three decrements”, production management assessment and internal market, were adopted to meet the challenges from coal market downturn, inspire our internal power, foster new advantages and pursue development.

  • Business mode innovation

The competition between enterprises is the competition between business modes in fact. Yankuang Group has positioned as a comprehensive service provider of integrated energy solution, and a series of advanced brands and operation mode have been created through innovation in development mode and profit-making mode, and innovation in business mode in all-round and all levels, which thus encouraged our inherent quality growth.