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Green Yankuang

Industry Transformation and Upgrading Green and Clean Development

Firmly establish green development awareness, seize green transformation opportunity, promote low carbonization in high-carbon industry, new-type orientation in traditional industry and high efficiency in emerging industry, strive to be the leader in coal clean and efficient utilization, the model in coal liquefaction and fine chemicals industry, and impeller in modern information and new energy industry.

  • Build up the Supporting Security System with Efficient, Clean and Green Development

Aimed at green mining, efficient conversion and clean utilization of coal, plan and establish a way with efficient, clean and green development of coal and cultivate into a set of multilevel linked technology innovation system. Integrate the environmental protection into every step of enterprise development, focus on the operation of environmental protection facilities, environmental risk precontrol and comprehensive project management and build up the enterprise with green clean and ecological civilization.

  • To be the Leader, Demonstrator and Impeller in Efficient and Clean Utilization of Coal

Grasp the new trend of energy development and lead the efficient and green development of the coal industry. Be awarded “China Model Environment-friendly Coal Mine”, “China Top Ten Meritorious Enterprise of Energy-saving Emission Reduction", etc. Break through the core technology of well construction and coal gasification and lead the efficient and clean conversion of coal. Break through the core technology of coal liquefaction and lead the development direction of China's coal liquefaction industry. (The Group constructed the first set of million tonnes of coal indirect liquefaction industrial demonstration device. In August 2015, commissioning run test succeeds, becoming an important milestone in the history of China's coal liquefaction industry development.) Break through the core technology of ultra-clean coal and lead the new way of international cooperation in coal conversion.

  • To be Integrated Solution Supplier for Clean Energy

Transform and upgrade “Blue Sky Project” into “No. 1 Project”, cultivate the efficient clean coal industrial chain integrated with technology research and development, stove manufacture, logistics distribution, marketing service and finance support. Explore the successful way to solve the clean combustion of 700 million tonnes bulk coal nationwide and the ultralow emission of industrial boiler.