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Yankuangs Sharing

Sharing development achievements, harmony, stability and happiness

Enterprises such as boat, people will always be the paddle at the helm; development as the play, the protagonist is always the masses of workers. Yankuang Group Party Committee implemented "One Embedded and Four Synchronized", i.e. the leadership of the Party was embedded in the corporate governance structure, the party organization research and discussion as a pre-process, standardizing "Three-Importances & One-Large" policy decision-making mechanism, the Party's political superiority into real productive forces, to protect the correct direction of development of enterprises and to care workers "Yankuang Dream."


  • Growth Platform Sharing

The Group adheres to build a fair and equitable talent growth platform, establish talents pool covering seven primary majors and urgently-needed specialized personnel, smooth management, technology "dual channel" promotion mechanism to promote the mutual development of employees and businesses.

  • Sharing Development Achievements

Adheres to the principle of letting economic development benefit workers, enhancing corporate value and employee value together, our workers' happiness index is continuously strengthened. In recent years, the Group has continued to promote activities such as the "Sunshine Student Building Project" and the "Warm Heart Action", focusing on the vulnerable groups and spreading the warmth of the enterprises to everyone in need of assistance to promote the mining area harmonious and stable. Considering social responsibility as an important part of the core competitiveness of enterprises, the Group continuously rewards the society, shareholders and customers with development achievements and creates value for stakeholders. In the past five years, Yankuang has paid RMB500 million in taxes under extremely difficult conditions in the coal market. The Group adheres to honesty and abiding by the law, so it has been awarded three consecutive "Enterprises of Respecting Contracts and Keeping Credit” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.