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Corporate Profile

Yankuang Group Company Limited

Yankuang Group Co., Ltd. is an extra-large energy enterprise mainly engaged in coal production and sales, coal chemical industries, aluminum processing and profiling, machinery and equipment manufacturing and financial trade. It is the first and the only Chinese coal company that has four listing platforms at home and abroad. With over 40 years of development, it has built an industrial layout of “Six Bases”, namely Shandong headquarters, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Australia and Canada. As at the end of 2016, its total assets amounted to RMB231.7 billion, with 97,000 employees totally. In 2016, Yankuang Group produced raw coal of 114 million tones, with operating income of RMB139.789 billion, making it as one of the six coal enterprises with coal capacity above 100 million tons in China. As a large scale coal enterprise with coal capacity over 100 million tones, operating revenue over RMB100 billion and total assets more than RMB200 billion, Yankuang Group rejoined the first square of China coal industry.

Yankuang Group has been honored with various awards, such as the Second National Industry Award (the China top industry award), the National Excellent Enterprise Award (or Golden-Horse Award), and National Advanced Enterprise Award for Go Global. Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited, the controlled subsidiary of Yankuang, is the only coal enterprise who won the honor of the Global Outstanding Performance Award among 13 companies in the world, also ranked as No.84 in 2016 Fortune China 500, an increase of 8 ranking.