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Corporate Culture

Corporate Mission

  • Love Devotion & Value Creation

Born in the period of China’s economic reform and developed along with China’s opening-up, Yankuang Group has grown up through creation. It fully performs the mission of large scale SOE as the backbone of national industry.

  • Love Devotion

In line with national and social development, Yankuang Group has taken the responsibilities to safeguard national energy security, reward the society and better people’s living. For past years, Yankuang people, hardworking and intelligent, under guidance of national development strategy, has supplied not only coal and clean energy but also love to the country, reward to the society and care and concern to our employees.

  • Value Creation

Yankuang people fully understand the meaning of the enterprise lies in value creation and contribution to the country. Only through value creation can we maintain asset value keeping and value increasing, support sustainable development of our enterprise, promote social progress and prosperity and accomplish more dreams. Yankuang Group has been and will always stick to value creating. Creating value is creating history.



  • Harmonious & Excellence

As a leading coal enterprise, Yankuang Group insists on gathering cohesive forces and pursuing harmony and excellence during development, endeavors to build itself into an international enterprise with outstanding main business and strong core competitiveness, becoming a model of responsible, creative and harmonious enterprise.

  • Harmonious Yankuang

Harmony is the main theme of development. Building a harmonious Yankuang, on the one hand, is to create a favorable environment to understand people, trust people and care people like a big family, and pursue common development between people and enterprise; on the other hand, is to establish win-win cooperation relationships between people and people, people and nature, people and society so as to realize harmonious and sound development and create economic and social benefit to the maximum.

  • Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence is the vision and goal of development. Build up an excellent Yankuang is never to stop for pursuing dreams, to make persistent efforts and stride to step into world-class energy enterprises, strive to create a development road as leaders in science and technology, quality, management and profitability. We shall maintain coal's leading role in national coal market and innovate development mode through transformation of development concept, enhance quality, foster and cast our core competitiveness.


Core Value

  • Put responsibility in heart Keep fair and faithful

Responsibility is a precious quality, a glorious mission and a powerful force. Put responsibility in heart, then we can live up to the universe. Put responsibility in heart is conduct code and moral ethnics of Yankuang generations, embodying Yankuang people's core value spirit of ready to fulfill responsibility, honesty & trustworthiness and promise keeping.

  • Put responsibility in heart

As the mainstay in China's coal industry, Yankuang Group shoulders sacred mission and heavy responsibilities. As Yankuang's employees who grow up on this fertile soil, we undertake fatal duties and responsibilities as well. We firmly believe that only if we perform duties loyally, devote ourselves to work earnestly and bear responsibilities stringently, can we do something, accomplish a good deed even a grand cause regardless to the country, society, enterprise, clients, families, or our employees.

  • Keep fair and faithful

From the textual composition of the word, "允" means "fair"; From the literal meaning of the word, "允" means "true" (selected from "Erya"-the first Chinese dictionary). Keep fair and faithful refers to be just and fair, be sincere and keep faith, which expressed the core value tendency and evaluation criterion throughout Yankuang's operating management. Keep fair and faithful requests each employee including family members to practice the criterion that we can live up to the universe and people, keep faith in doing things and handle things in principle, thus to cast Yankuang's brand and image featuring fair, faithful and responsible through favorable professional ethics and reputation, exquisite technical skills and excellent quality assurance.

Enterprise Spirit

  • Innovation leads the way, union reaches far.

Innovation is the spiritual core to motivate the rapid development of Yankuang Group. Keep leading is the fundamental guarantee of the brilliant performance that Yankuang Group has achieved in more than 30 years, and it is the only way to construct an internationalized enterprise group with its main business prominent and core competitiveness strong. Only if all the stuff unite as one can achieve a new leap forward and create a more brilliant future.

  • Innovation leads the way

Innovation is the soul of development. Without innovation, there is no future for the enterprise. In the past, the passionate Yankuang stuff have been able to break through, dare to surpass, overcome difficulties and create miracles with it, forging the soft power of the Group; In the future, innovation will continue to be the sharpest weapon that we can go beyond and grow stronger. Only by adhering to the concept of innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and operation innovation, especially the enhancement of independent innovation, can we win more space and more lasting impetus for our cooperate development.

  • Union reaches far.

There is hope and force in cohesion. Only the cohesion can create brilliance together.

The whole staff of the Group should “stick to one road, hold up one banner and sing one song” together. We are of one mind, keeping pace, working together, gathering strength, and devoting to establish Yankuang Group as a benchmark enterprise in China’s energy industry and a well-known international enterprise.